5 Top Ways Email-to- SMS services Can Benefit Physicians and Hospitals

5 Top Ways Email-to- SMS services Can Benefit Physicians and Hospitals

It’s no surprise that in today’s day and age, more people have smartphones than not. As a
result, texting has become one of the most utilized forms of communication. Given these
trends, SMS text solutions can help physicians and hospitals reach their patients more
effectively on this channel. By being able to send automated messages through bulk
Email-to- MMS texts, this improves patient care and also reduces strain on hospital
infrastructure. The medical sector’s need for SMS texting is growing, and there are many
benefits that can be gained by employing SMS messaging solutions.

Here are the top 5 benefits that bulk Email-to- SMS solutions offer to those in healthcare:

1. Save crucial funding. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost each year due to
missed doctors appointments. SMS medical alerts can cut down on these costs
and save funds for more meaningful use.

2. Gain new patients. Hospitals can grow their patient database by sending useful
medical and health information to SMS subscribers. This will get much more
attention and has a higher likelihood of being read than an email.

3. Shorten wait times in the ER. SMS text solutions can make it possible for
hospitals to respond to patient requests for ER visits. By combining automated
Email-to- SMS services along with text messaging software, there is a great
opportunity to transform emergency care and cut down on wait times.

4. Send out important reminders. Flu season is a great time to send out automated
text messages to remind patients to get their flu shots. SMS text messaging is also
useful way to send other reminders on yearly physicals. This helps improve
patient care and keeps patients’ health at the forefront.

5. Build trust with patients. Nothing beats continuous communication when it
comes to creating trust. The more checkpoints doctors can have with their
patients, the better the relationship can be. These relationships ultimately affect
the success of a hospital and medical practices, so communication is key.

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